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today has been different, 

yesterday was my first day in Karate and i was right, by the end of class i was dying.Then what sdo i do? Go for a 2 mile walk. trying to kill myself; you ask? no i'm just sick and tired of being fat. plus bout 20 other reasons i'll not bore you w/.   In short i survived and had fun so'll do it again. 

back to today, now besides needing tynoal (sp?) all day i'm good but i was pissed off all day i had no reason for this i was just mad at everything, i had breef periods of Okay but still *GGGRRRRR*. IT just wouldn't go away. i turned on music, tried to read, it never crossed my mind to call anyone because i couldn't phathom why in the hell i was like this let alone explain it to some one! 

but somethin joyfull happened in the middle well more like tail end of the day but ...Feh.... I heard from Nikki, i haven't talked to this girl in year, i had a hand in raising this chick for a few years, she still calls me her "crazy Aunt" , eh... accurate to a tee. found out her livejournal and this is really cool.

My life in rattling and peices are falling out and i'm picking stuff up for replacement parts, and for once, the things and people alone the way aren't shit, like before. I'm likeing this, then the "glass is half empty" person who lives in my head shows up and we get what you (I) had today. fucked off for no reason what so ever...!!??? 

like i opened w/ ... strange.
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