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Happy 4-20 everyone

well lets see here, 

last really good 4-20 i had i wrecked my car. not driving today so i'm safe. To any who read this wish me luck because tomorrow i'm getting my ass handed to me by my 11 yr old,; i joined his Karate class. I don't know how well thought out this idea was but i'm bought and paid for now so i can't back out. But i know i'm going to be in sever pain bcz i dnt even know how to do a stinkin push-up, LOL, I'm SO Fucked! 

My Patrick got his new car today, i'm still green w/ envy; he's gone an gotten himself one Nice ride, 94 Camero, Black. the car looks smokin'. Damn to be 18 w/ the Cool ride again, i think i'd still have my 73 Nova, if i had a choice, but i don't. I;ll  live maby if i'm a good girl he'll take pitty on me and give me a ride around the block. lol. it sucks to be a gearhead w/ a 'mom-mobile' (sp?) meh.

on the flip side Patrick is going to Kill me... I didn't pratice yet today...i'll finish up here get a little buzzed then tear up my hands. Wounder how that'll feel tomorrow? bet it won't be good...oh well i like self inflicted pain... this will be different tho, usually i only inflict emotional pain on myself....eh?

ok just deleated last 4 paragraphs for lack of sense .... rum and coke kicked in. 

see u on the other side 
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